Judy, a mother that I worked with and her daughter called to ask if I could work with her 10 year old son, who had ADHD . I agreed. She stated that Thomas, would be easily distracted, wouldn’t make eye contact, hyperactive, and very shy. Thomas had been placed in special classes for children with special needs. His progress seemed very slow.


When Judy brought Thomas in, he was a sweet, 10 year old boy who was extremely shy. Thomas did not make eye contact with me either. He was barely audible when he spoke. When Judy left the room, Thomas seemed to tense up even more. I tried to make small talk to relax him but he just wanted to do our work and get out. I asked him what he was there to see me about.  He said, “I have a focus problem.” I asked him if he would like to work on his focus problem and he said yes. I wasn’t sure I could bring him into trance due to his  nervousness, so I decided to engage him in a progressive relaxation. I had a blanket he liked that he pulled over his head. I had him visualize the relaxation and started to ask my questions.


Our intention was to go back to the root of his focus problem.


Thomas explained that he was back in Boston in the 1940s. He told me the name of his town, the name of his school and his first and last name.  It was such detailed information for him not to be in trance. Thomas said when in high school he started playing professional basketball. I assumed it was the imagination of a typical 10year old. As I progressed him to his 20s he said he had gotten married. He cringed his face as he said, “ ech, it’s my sister.” He said he then moved to N.Y. and became a professional baseball player. He said he knew Yogi Bearer. Again, I thought it was just the imagination of a 10-year-old boy. As I progressed him in that life, he started crying, saying his wife died of a heart attack. He was very sad. I moved him to the end of his life there. He said he was coming up the apartment stairs carrying groceries. When he turned to go back down to get the rest of the groceries, he fell down all of the stairs. He was startled and said, “ I broke all of my bones. They took me to the hospital and I died there.”  I asked him what that life had to do with his focus problem, even though I knew, I wanted him to understand. He said, “Duh, I wasn’t watching where I was going, and fell down all of the stairs and died.” I told him he didn’t need the focus problem any more and that he could make eye contact more easily as he focused on all of his behaviors.


When the session was over he bolted out the door and took the key to the car from his mother. I told her about the regression since he gave me permission to. I said it must have been a typical 10-year-old fantasy with regard to the pro ball teams. She was stunned since he hates sports and doesn’t play any. She said he would have no idea who Yogi Bearer was. That was a surprise to me.




I couldn’t wait to hear from Judy since we had so much dramatic success with her family. After one week I called her to see if there were any changes. She admitted it was not as dramatic as with her daughter and herself, but she did notice that Thomas was now making eye contact with everyone. She said he never did that before so for her that was big. She apologized for not seeing a big change in his overall distraction. He did seem a bit calmer as well.

I was thrilled since our intention was to go to the root of his focus problem. He did see the connection and now the eye contact can help with focus. His overly energetic behavior is one of the Signs attributed to ADHD. Improvement in this area, showing more calm behavior is huge. We did find out that Thomas had 3 more lifetimes to release from to clear his ADHD. We attempted 2 more successful regressions, showing more improvement each time. He never came back to do the last one.


Once again, we see that ADHD and ADD can be deeper than just a neurological behavior. We must explore all types of modalities before we jump in the fast growing catch- all baskets for behavioral issues.



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